Self Enquiry - The Next Step After Meditation

Self Enquiry is the method for Self Realization (Enlightenment) taught by Sri Ramana Maharshi, a sage from south India who was an incredible example of extraordinary simplicity. It consists of asking oneself the key question of our lives: "Who AM I?" This question, consistently applied acts as a doorway into a deeper awareness of the consciousness within us. Here the technique and its context is explained, with much gratitude given to Robert Adams, a spiritual teacher who died in 1997, who gave variants of this technique. The beauty of this technique is that it can be done anywhere and anytime, not just when meditating.

As William Blake said, “Improvements make straight roads, but the crooked roads without improvements are roads of genius.” Discussing topics related to consciousness and spirituality in everyday life in a simple, lively and down to earth manner, which we hope you find inspiring and insightful.

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