Mindfulness is not just a meditation technique, it's something we can do at every moment of our waking lives in order to live a much more fuller existence.  I once asked a man at a meditation retreat why he had returned to do it again, and he said this "I'm a chef, I've cooked in the best restaurants, but I was amazed when in the retreat the food was the best I had ever tasted. How could this be since the food was cooked by amateurs?  Then I realized it was because I was more present, thus I could really taste the food.  This was a humbling experience for me." So this is what this talk is about.

As William Blake said, “Improvements make straight roads, but the crooked roads without improvements are roads of genius.” Discussing topics related to consciousness and spirituality in everyday life in a simple, lively and down to earth manner, which we hope you find inspiring and insightful.

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