Why Team Building?

Team Building activities taught in a unique way by blending psychology with holistic practices such as yoga and meditation to help to improve employee morale, cultivate a team spirit, and improve group dynamics.  These team building methods raise group cohesion and team morale in order to have smoother and more productive interactions and communications amongst employees.

Benefits of Team Building:

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Clearer communications
  • Increased comradery and team spirit
  • Inspired creativity
  • Increased self-motivation
  • Improved productivity and performance


  • 5 hour workshop 
  • Exercises that encourage clear communications between participants
  • Activities that require cooperation and collaboration
  • Encouraging trust and sharing of information
  • Cultivating a team spirit
  • Improves creative exchange


  • Cost:  18,000kr. for the 5 hour workshop. 
  • 8 weeks programs for individuals, weekly 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions, total 12,000kr per person.
  • Location:  At your company
  • Refund policy:  Full refund, minus expenses, if not satisfied

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