What is Resilience Training?

Combining all I've learned in 33 years of studying psychology with 18+ years of intense training in meditation and yoga, this is a unique program for building up employees' physical and mental strengths, and to deepen their emotional intelligence.  The key is to cultivate the ability to anchor one's attention in the present moment, in order to stay calm, focused, and unflappable during all types of normally stressful situations. 

This is how I noticed my increased resilience from all my training while experiencing a life threatening situation:  Once while up in the mountains of northern Thailand, very early one morning, after it had rained torrentially the entire night, in a half-sleep daze, I said to myself "It amazing that the small river in front of my cabana hasn't flooded."  Then suddenly I was shocked to see a shoe floating on the floor!  I woke up immediately and calmly took action: I packed my bag, moved it to a higher place, and banged on other people's doors to wake them up.  Within 15 minutes the water rose up to our heads. We had to move along carefully since the normally 10 meter wide river had turned into a 150 meter wide monster, with trees and buildings being swept along in the center of it.  Had I not woken up in time and reacted calmly, I could've died with the others that died that day.

Benefits of Resilience Training:

  • Increased focus, flexibility and courage
  • Calmer disposition during difficult situations
  • Improved creativity and intuition
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Reduced sick days
  • Improved social skills
  • Reduced reactivity and drama
  • Happier disposition


  • 5 hour workshop once every 3 months.  Weekly 1 1/2 hour "Tune-Up & Practice" group sessions
  • Individual sessions also available
  • Various focus enhancement techniques
  • Various physical activities
  • Learning various breathing techniques that induce mental clarity and calmness
  • Physical exercises
  • Visualization activities


  • Cost: 18,000kr. for the 5 hour workshop
  • 8 weeks programs for individuals, weekly 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions, total 12,000kr per person
  • Location: At your company
  • Refund policy: Full refund, minus expenses, within the 1st month. 50% refund after the 1st month, minus expenses

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