Custom Made Programs

Creating custom made programs to meet the specific needs of your company.  Every company is unique, thus its special needs can be analyzed and approached in individually crafted programs to help improve specific dynamics.  Blending 33+ years of psychology experience with 18+ years of intense practice of yoga and meditation, I can come up with unique observations of how to improve work environments, communications, and thus create exclusive programs to resolve these situations.


  • Made specifically for your company's needs
  • Improved employee morale
  • Improved communications
  • Out of the box solutions
  • Better work environment
  • Increased productivity


  • 5 hour workshop once every 3 months. Weekly 1 1/2 hour "Tune-Up & Practice" group sessions
  • Individual sessions also available
  • Observation and analysis of your company's group dynamics
  • Listening to what you and your employees want to improve
  • Evaluating the efficiency of hierarchical structures and communication channels
  • Improving communication channels to allow honest and healthy feedback
  • Custom tailored programs to improve employee health and stress neutralization abilities


  • Cost: 18,000kr. for the 5 hour workshop
  • 8 weeks programs for individuals, weekly 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions, total 12,000kr per person.
  • Location: At your company



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