Why Concentration Enhancement?

Distractibiity and short attention spans can greatly reduce productivity.  Modern research overwhelmingly shows that diminished attention spans is an increading cause of poor performance which cost economies worldwide countless trillions of dollars per year.  The age of cubicle offices, near constant messaging, and excessive attention paid to social media have split employee's attentions in divergent directions.  The benefits of multitasking is a myth.  I teach techniques that counter this negative trend.

Many years ago I heard of genealogical research that showed that the family trees of Nobel Prize winning scientists had a 10 time higher incidence of autism compared to the norm.  One of the characteristics of autism is an excessive amount of focus on one thing, to the detriment of everything else.  But the research implied that the winning scientists had a stronger power of concentration, without being autistic, and that this was their qualitative and imaginative advantage. 

This happened to me too after I returned to graduate school after already having a couple of years worth of deep experience.  With this experience I can help improve these dynamics for your employees.

Benefits of Concentration Enhancement:

  • Increased focus and attention spans
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Enhanced mental sharpness
  • Stronger short & long term memory
  • Increased control over social media
  • Greater will power
  • Improved decisiveness
  • Better awareness and non-reactivity towards inner dialogue


  • It would be very simple to come up with a custom made plan to help improve the level of concentration and non-distractibility in your employees and the the general work atmosphere.

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