Why Concentration Enhancement?

By enhancing employee concentration, and attention spans, productivity is revitalized.  Modern research overwhelmingly shows that diminished attention spans is an increading cause of poor performance which worldwide cost economies trillions of dollars per year.  The age of cubicle offices, near constant messaging, and excessive attention paid to social media have split employee's attentions in divergent directions.  The benefits of multitasking is a myth.  I teach techniques that counter this negative trend.

Here's what I noticed: Years ago I heard of genealogical research that showed that the family trees of Nobel Prize winning scientists had a 10 time higher incidence of autism compared to the norm.  Basically this meant that the winning scientists had a stronger power of concentration, without being autistic, and that this was their qualitative advantage.  From years of deep meditation experience I noticed that this happened to me too, and thus it can help anyone to increase their levels of concentration.

Benefits of Concentration Enhancement:

  • Increased focus and attention spans
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Enhanced mental sharpness
  • Stronger short & long term memory
  • Increased control over social media
  • Greater will power
  • Improved decisiveness
  • Better awareness and non-reactivity towards inner dialogue


  • 5 hour workshop once every 3 months.  Weekly 1 1/2 hour "Tune-Up & Practice" group sessions
  • Individual sessions also available
  • Time proven techniques that improve concentration
  • No special equipment required
  • Teaching how to practice anytime and anywhere
  • Guidance on simple to follow exercises to practice on one's own
  • Examination of research highlighting the real cost of distractibility and diminished attention spans


  • Cost: 18,000kr. for the 5 hour workshop. 
  • 8 weeks programs for individuals, weekly 1 - 1 1/2 hour sessions, total 12,000kr per person.
  • Location: At your company

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